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Miami, FL Real Estate Attorneys

Buying or selling a piece of residential or commercial property is a major investment. It' is important to allow an attorney to represent your interests when completing a real estate transaction. Alvarez Law Group features experienced real estate attorneys who represent individuals, businesses, and investors, helping them to achieve their real estate buying and selling goals. Our attorneys can professionally guide you through legal processes, generate contracts, assess contracts, and much more. Alvarez Law Group offers a complete spectrum of real estate legal services. We represent clients throughout the Miami region.

Our Legal Real Estate Services

Alvarez Law Group features experienced attorneys who focus on legal matters that are related to real estate sales as well as property disputes between parties. Our firm is committed to providing each client with the custom solutions they need to achieve desirable outcomes. Our legal real estate services include:


  • Buyer-seller agreements

  • Real estate closings

  • Refinance transactions

  • Deed and title transfers

  • Sale by owner real estate transactions

  • Residential and commercial leases

  • Landlord and tenant agreements

  • Short sales

  • Joint real estate ventures

  • Contingency clauses and more

The talented attorneys of Alvarez Law Group have experience in Miami real estate negotiation and litigation. We get to know each client's specific needs so we can develop the tailored legal solutions they need. Whether you need representation at a closing or a contract reviewed through the lens of a legal professional, we can help.

Real Estate Law Can Be Complex

Owing to the level of investment that real estate transactions inevitably involve, it is always a wise decision to allow a real estate attorney to represent your interests--even for the simplest transactions. As we've seen, even simple transactions can become complex quickly and, sometimes, in unexpected ways. It is important to have a legal professional at your side, guiding you through the legal process in order to best protect your interests.
Our attorneys stay up to date about all changes to real estate law that could possibly affect our Miami clients. If you have questions about closings or need to develop a contract to govern a real estate transaction, we can provide the professional legal assistance you need regardless of the complexity of the transaction.

Custom Legal Solutions

The attorneys at Alvarez Law Group are consummate problem solvers. We not only have an outstanding reputation as tenacious litigators, but we are also skilled negotiators. We employ every effort to provide our clients with the custom legal solutions they need to resolve conflicts or manage any other legal aspect of a real estate transaction. We know that cookie cutter solutions will not work for our clients. They expect and deserve services that are tailored to their needs and preferences. When you contract with Alvarez Law, you can rely on us for custom legal care.


Our Miami Real Estate Attorneys Get Results

Alvarez Law Group has a reputation for success. Our attorneys live and breathe real estate law. They are adept at looking at a case through the lens of each particular client. They will provide legal guidance that's in your best interests in order to help you protect your investment or resolve real estate conflicts. Moreover, we have the resources needed to supply each client with the comprehensive services they need to achieve their real estate goals.

What Can You Expect from Alvarez Law Group?

Alvarez Law Group enjoys many long-term relationships with clients because of our know-how and client-focused service. As a small firm, we value personal relationships. No one is or should feel anonymous when they hire us to represent their real estate interests. When you allow us to represent you, you can expect our attorneys and support staff to:


  • Thoroughly evaluate your transaction

  • Provide you with our careful analysis of the transaction and guidance about how to best proceed

  • Timely communication

  • Communication with the other party and its attorneys

  • Recording of all paperwork when applicable

Of course, our services are tailored to the legal real estate services you need whether we accompany you to a closing, review real estate contracts, or more complex transactions.

The Benefits of Working with a Small Law Firm

Alvarez Law Group has a proven track record of achieving big legal firm results without big firm fees. We are known for our fair and upfront pricing. Aside from maintaining reasonable legal fees, we also get to know and care about our clients. That is why many clients rely on us for all their real estate legal needs.

If you are planning to conduct a real estate transaction in the Miami area, contact Alvarez Law Group and discuss your needs. You can count on us to provide you with the objective legal advice you need to make informed decisions about how to best proceed. Our skilled attorneys will customize their services to the particulars of your case. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and helping you achieve all your real estate goals.

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