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Be Prepared - Before and After a Hurricane

As Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida, it is critical that property owners and business owners prepare for possible damage caused by the storm and the inevitable claim with their insurance company.

Before the storm

- Take photographs or video of the entire property to show the pre-loss condition. These photos become critical in showing the insurance company what was actually damaged after a storm.

- Keep a copy of all insurance policies that may apply to your loss in a dry place.

- Install any shutters or other hurricane protective devices to prevent further damage to the property.

After the storm

- Take photographs or video of the entire property BEFORE you being cleaning up.

- Contact your insurance company as soon as it is practicable to report a loss.

- Keep records of any extra expenses that may be incurred to protect the property from further damage or do clean up the property.

Most important of all, keep yourself and your family safe.

If you need assistance handling your Hurricane Dorian claim, the attorneys at Alvarez Law Group are here to help.


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