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You pay your insurance premiums on time, but when it comes time for your insurance company to deliver and they fail to live up to their part of the service contract, you may need experienced legal representation to protect your interests. Alvarez Law Group features client-focused insurance claims attorneys in Miami who will aggressively fight for your rights when insurance companies fail to provide the services you paid for. Insurance companies have lawyers working on their behalf, you need experienced legal representation and guidance too. Alvarez Law Group has helped thousands of clients recover the maximum amounts for their insurance claims at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. We can help you too.

What Happens When Insurance Companies Put Profits over Customers?

Make no mistake--insurance companies are in business to make money. Their business model encourages them to take in more money than they pay out. While any business is hoping to make a profit, no business should fail to provide the product or service customers have paid for. Too often an insurance provider will deny a legitimate claim with little or no explanation. When this happens to you, what can you do? As repair costs pile up, how can you resolve the matter successfully? Simple: contact Alvarez Law Group and let us handle your insurance claim.

The fact is, some insurers have a reputation for repeatedly denying claims. How is that fair? You pay your monthly or annual insurance premiums but when you need the insurer to hold up their side of the bargain, they're nowhere to be found. We are committed to helping clients resolve their claims.

Why Did My Insurance Company Deny My Claim?

Many clients are confused and don't understand why the insurer denied their claim. They know they did everything by the book--submitted the claim on time and acted in accordance with their insurance company’s instruction. The insurance company may leave you with a vague explanation. They may not offer an explanation, reporting simply that your claim has been denied.
On the other hand, they may point to some extremely hazy language in their policy--interpreting their role in a manner that let's them--and their checkbook--off the hook. Often, insurance providers will minimize claims, suggesting that the amount owed is too much--more than they are willing to pay. Undervaluing a claim may still leave you, the policy holder, with major expense.
It is understandably frustrating for policy holders when their claims are denied. It feels like--it is betrayal. We have handled cases where clients have paid their insurance premiums on time for decades--paying in more than the claim is worth and, yet, when they need the insurer to come through, the insurer balks at their responsibility. It can be maddening, and without a legal professional at your side, working on your behalf, it can seem impossible to come out ahead in these trying situations.

Fortunately, if your claim is denied, you can rely on us to negotiate or litigate the matter.

Alvarez Law Group's Insurance Claims Attorneys

Alvarez Law Group features experienced Miami insurance claims attorneys who love nothing better than holding insurance companies accountable. We were born to force these corporate entities to pay what they owe their paying customers. Even though these cases can be complex, we begin with a simple approach to achieving success.

First, we carefully evaluate your insurance policy and claim. You can rely on our honesty and integrity. If, for some reason, we believe that your claim is invalid, we will explain our findings. More times than not, however, it's the same old stories--the insurer will not pay or will not pay enough to cover your damages.

If you decide to proceed with your claim, we will investigate further to procure the evidence needed to support your side. Many insurers count on customers not to pursue claims beyond the initial denial. It often happens that when threatened with legal action, they realize they have no ground to stand on and are forced to pay. We are often able to negotiate insurance claims without the need to enter a courtroom. However, if the insurer will not negotiate or will not compromise, we can litigate the matter.

Types of Insurance Claims We Handle

Alvarez Law Group focuses on insurance claims law, so we routinely handle many types of insurance claims cases. If you have any of the following insurance claim disputes, you should contact us for a consultation:


  • Homeowners claims

  • Fire

  • Tornado

  • Business Interruption

  • Wind damage

  • Water damage

  • Hurricane damage

  • Construction damage and more

Don't Let the Insurance Industry Intimidate You

Always remember that you have rights. Many insurance providers deny claims habitually because they have a history of getting away with it. Often, it just takes a legal reminder to make them pay up. We are happy to take on insurers who act in bad faith. We achieve immense satisfaction each time we secure a victory for our clients. Often, the expenses involved in these claims are quite immense. Before you stress, contact our law office and let us examine your claim.

Alvarez Law Group represents clients throughout the Miami area. We understand you may have questions. Come in for an initial consultation and let us review the specifics of your claim and insurance policy. If you choose to let us represent you, you can expect us to work diligently on your behalf. Call us to schedule your insurance claim consultation today.

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